Saturday, 13 February 2016

Reflections of a Strange Preacher

There is a fundamental joy and liberty inherent in the realisation that you are a child of God and that all men are brothers. Moreover, such truth contains the inspiring and enthralling vistas of divine destiny; while fear and death are swallowed up in the realisation of life everlasting.
And what is this life to which we are invited? But one of endless transformation, of transforming the world even as we are transformed: of transforming potential into actual, dreams into realities;of establishing Justice where there is injustice, peace where there is war, healing where there is hurt, and prosperity where there is poverty.
In these endeavours God is with us...the greatest power in the universe stands with us. When aligned with the Father the children of God are the most powerful force for positive social transformation on the face of the earth.

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