Friday, 14 August 2015

The God of Time and Space

The acts of God in time and space are conditioned by these both in terms of their evolution and their functional relationship with the meta-narrative of all Creation. We can know that they happen but our understanding thereof will always be limited, relative, and subject to radical revision as our experiential insight and appreciation of the meta-narrative evolves. These facts, among so many others, should admonish us always to be humble in our theologies. Humility is a far truer star for the theologian to be guided by than the Jack O'Lantern of theological arrogance.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Spiritual Assurance

The assurance experienced by the believer is an indirect effect of the action of the indwelling spirit, who opens the eyes of the child of clay to the illuminating and liberating truth that they are a child of the ever living, ever loving, all wise, God of all creation. When this truth is experienced peace, joy, and gratitude flood the soul. In this awakening the child of time is loosed from the shackles of fear and discovers an eternal universe of ever lasting life and endless adventure exploring the limitless deeps of the Infinite One.