Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Gospel Cosmic

This is the Gospel: the one and only Ever Living, Ever Loving, All-Powerful God of all Creation is the Father of your soul. You are a child of this Ever Living, Ever Loving,All-Powerful Source from whence springs all things and beings, meanings and personalities, facts and values. If you can dare to accept this transforming truth, if you will allow it to sink down into the deeps of your being, then you are both in and of the Kin-Dom of God.

The primacy of this relationship precedes the formation of the world, precedes the establishment of borders and the division of humanity into the various races; it stood before the formation of even the galaxies and it therefore takes precedence over all these other incidental and coincidental factors. The moral obligation, the divine privilege, to serve this family precedes all other loyalties. There exists only one other thing more primal than these duties, obligations and privileges, and that is the worshipful recognition and loving response to the Eternal Father, the Primal Source from whence this tremendous reality issues.

Theologies and ideologies reflect the time and place, as well as the level of enlightenment of the individuals and people wherein, wherefrom and through whom they originate. These very material facts, the diversity of their origins and the relationships that govern them, imply that theologies and ideologies inevitably become contaminated by materialistic thinking - materialism. Our perception of the unifying and indivisible truth from whence we all draw our existence is thus obscured and refracted and, consequently, is our primordial sense of loyalty and brotherhood corrupted, distorted, perverted and twisted. In our confusion, we mistake brothers for enemies and out of the dark fear soil of the human heart spring vengeance and violence, hatred and wrath, the Masters of Woe, the Architects of Tragedy, Sorrow and Heartache.

Once we learn to spiritually transcend material differences; racial, national, religious and ideological, and from that exalted perspective learn to perceive the underlying unity that creatively binds all this endless diversity, then will we have entered truly and fully into the clear light of unending truth and therein shall the darkness of our ignorance no more be found and our cup of joy will be filled to overflowing!