Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Cross Roads

The struggle for the establishment of the New Way for our current age is a truly titanic, even global, struggle. Presently, the world is held firmly in the deathgrip of a selfish,  secular, materialistic empire that is driven solely by Profit. These gods of the earth are a jealous and wrathful cabal; they will suffer us to have no gods before them. They sing the tune and expect the whole world to dance to it. They pour scorn upon the New Way and its Prophets.

These monsters are like the Hydra of old - a monster with many heads; these monster corporations have a head in Paris, New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo; while they maintain a foothold in the developing world, the global south and East, and step heartlessly - with crushing power - upon the defenceless, destroying lives, families, communities and environments.

As it goes forth to ravish the earth it has the power to call fire down from heaven; it paralyses those that could stop it by injecting its venom into every home, making the populace delirious with fear, numb with fantasy, bloated and unable to move by inducing rapacious consumption.

But these are fleeting realities; we are developing resistance to their venom; love calls forth the faith that conquers fear; truth is electrifying those stupefied by fantasy; while dissatisfaction is giving birth to higher hunger, the hunger for righteousness, mercy and justice and on these they will feast!

Fear not to enter the New Way; fear not to leave behind the old ways - for the end thereof is doom. Fear not the Titans for from age to age the small and faithful have gone toe to toe with them and won - turning the world upon its head!

The gods of this world promote fear; the Eternal God inspires the faith that calls forth all conquering divine courage; the gods of this world preach the necessity of war, proclaim that it is the only way; the God of Peace sent His Son, the Prince of Peace, to establish us on the way of Peace; the gods of this world declare that Competition is good and thereby set brothers at one another's throats; the Father of All declares that we are one family and calls us to Unity, and to the realisation that only through Co-operation can we achieve our destiny.
The gods of this world promote suspicion, hatred, and selfishness; the God of the New and Everlasting Way promotes trust, love, and service for one's fellows; the gods of the old way advocate grabbing all you can for yourself; the Creator of the Better declares that lasting happiness can only be found in doing all that you can for others. The gods of the old way constantly encourage you to judge and condemn; the Lord declares the New Way can be secured through forgiveness and forbearance.

Behold, the decision bell is ringing, whom do you serve? The children of men once again face a Cross Roads - one is the Way of the Blessed and it can be found through Renunciation and Service; the other is the Way of the Cursed and it can be found through yielding to the Deathgrip of Selfishness.