Tuesday, 18 June 2013


A person may be happy by accident but they can never stay happy by accident. Happiness is dependent upon living in harmony with, and intelligently and creatively employing,  the fundamental laws of happiness.

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Mind

The mind is designed for the contemplation of great things. In the absence of great things it makes a great fuss over little things. Therefore, the contemplation of the Infinite is necessary if we are to keep all things in their true perspective.

The provenance of Man

It is not the provenance of Man to prescribe limits to the Creation but to discover the limitless truth it reflects.

Friday, 14 June 2013


Hearken well, you men of the earth! Never has there lived a more greedy and selfish generation! Never has one generation cursed the earth so much as you. Your filth chokes even the birds of heaven. The generations will eschew your name. You will be called the Plastic People! Your blind pursuit of riches has cheapened your existence so profoundly that you are a corrupt and twisted shadow of your possible glory, barely human and worse than an animal.

You, oh daughters of men, you shall not escape judgement! You paint your nails but neglect your souls! And how you hate to see the mirror that reflects your indolence, that casts a light upon your imperfections, that can reveal just how ugly you truly are on the inside! Your sisters languish in prison and yet you pass your time painting your nails and face. You are not women, you are painted birds that loves to beautify her cage. You are a tragedy, a whore that willingly trades the freedom of her sisters for a tin of paint and a bag!

But you brothers! How wicked is your heart?! You think you have power? A Dungeon Master is all you are! You rule a kingdom of blind slaves, whores and half human monsters! What have you achieved that you should be so proud? Future generations will spit on your grave. Your names will be a laughing stock, bywords for wickedness and corruption, curse words for selfishness, vileness and war-mongering. You think you will leave something for posterity?! Your cities will be turned to dust, be consumed whole, everything will be renamed. You have been an abomination. Your great work a despoliation! You are a rapist, a murderer and a thief! You will have no honour, no glory – only shame.

Great has been your wickedness, your corruption utterly putrefying. In your filthy hands the keys that would have freed you have long since corroded and turned to dust! Your death sentence was written by your own hand and in your own blood. From this death there is no return. We merely await the dissolution of your mortal self. You shall die in your own dungeon, having never tasted the light of true freedom!

Behold, a generation is coming after you; to heal the earth and restore her balance. Against them you will be powerless, for they are the children of Zion – the children of a higher and better world than you could ever imagine! They serve the One that holds the title to this world, One that was cheated, robbed, beaten, tortured and murdered by wicked and self-serving fellows that occupy the high seats your fathers once owned. And to show that you are the progeny of those wicked men you send your dogs to attack the spirit sons of the Holy One! Woe be upon you, Sons of Darkness! Living Truth cannot be killed. It may long be buried but it cannot remain hidden forever. Behold a light comes from which you cannot hide, in which your self-deceiving heart shall know truth.

Awake and arise, oh Children of Zion! The way of salvation has been opened! Have faith, arise and follow in the footsteps of the Stainless One, the Undefeated and he shall lead you to victory!