Sunday, 23 April 2017

From Here to Eternity

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Monday, 17 April 2017

The Search

Individuals are growing beings and their maturation cannot be artificially accelerated, nor can higher desires be artificially implanted but must spring forth from the maturing heart naturally as it searches deeper and deeper for sustenance [higher values and deeper meanings]. It is in the search, in reaching and stretching one’s self, that one is transformed and grows.  A person cannot experience [a higher] truth until there evolves a heartfelt, profound, and deep longing or hunger for it [deep calling unto deep]; without such hunger [the substance of things hoped for] it cannot become a personal experience; and the  nutrifying and transforming effects of having thus found truth cannot become active. In essence, truth can effect no change unless there exists a genuine desire for it; sans such a desire it appears worthless.

Truth is found in and through the desire for truth. The experience of the hunger for truth is a revelation of truth. It is in the very search for truth that its transforming power is revealed. In answer to its summons individual lives and, through them, whole worlds are pulled out of the dark swamps of ignorance and bestial selfishness and up into the divine heights of spiritual enlightenment and celestial service.