Friday, 16 August 2013

The Search

The search for God is the search for the Infinite One. The finding of God means the finding of everything. Jesus said,  'Seek first the Kin-Dom and thereafter will all things needful be added to you.' Thus to find God is to find that you have been abundantly blessed, the trick thereafter is trade diligently with such treasure and to share from your abundance in a way that enriches the lives of your fellows. To find God is to discover that you are cared for and loved more than you can imagine. Consequently, you come to understand that no real harm can come to you. Therefore does your soul abide in peace even while the world yet clamours and scrambles.

Jesus taught us that we cannot survive on bread alone, that only the God of Truth, Beauty and Goodness can slake the spiritual thirst of the parched soul. We need Hope if we are to endure but this cannot be bought in any shop.

We need faith, love, truth, beauty and goodness or we will fade away just as surely as we do when we run out of oxygen. An existence without hope is hellish and few can bear it, but it is not the Father's will that any of his children should suffer such deprivations. He, personally, will ensure that they have as much as they desire. In truth not one of his children is in spiritual want save through their own choices.

They may wander into the darkness of confusion and lose their way; they may be snared by the hidden traps of selfishness but they need never lose hope, for they are never alone - the Father is ever by their side, whispering words of hope and encouragement into the ear of the attentive soul.

Fear not, follow me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Follow me and I will show you the way out of the carnage of your disappointed dreams and the ruins of your ambitions, to a better place. A place that I have prepared for you. A place better than any you have ever seen or even imagined. Fear not, believe only, have faith and follow me. I am the True Shepherd. I can save all who truly desire salvation and I will not lose one.