Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Entering The Kin-Dom - a short reflection

The Kin-dom of Heaven is at hand; even now is! Entering the Kin-dom is not like crossing the borders of some earthly kingdom. The Gates to the Kin-dom of Heaven are not guarded by soldiers with guns and attack dogs, demanding to see your credentials; wherefore did the Master say that ‘Entrance into the Kin-dom does not wait upon marching armies or the overthrowing of thrones of power!’ One cannot take the Kin-dom by coup d’├ętat! The Kin-dom of Heaven does not invade, unbidden, the human heart. Ever does the Prince of Peace stand watch at the gates of the human heart - waiting patiently, and with overflowing love, ready to extend the mercies of Heaven to all who wish to receive them. The Kin-dom of Heaven is open to all, and all that sincerely crave entrance will receive an abundant welcome.

The sincere desire to enter the Kin-dom, the hunger to know divine truth, bespeaks of the fact that the Kin-dom has ALREADY entered you, that the divine seed has already taken root in your soul. Hunger for divine verities is a symptom of indwelling divinity; that a character of divine potential has begun to grow in you.

Once this instinct for the divine engages you do not achieve FINAL PEACE until you attain the very Presence of the Divine Source that first initiated it in the human heart. Then, as you ascend the scale of being from the human to the divine, from time to eternity, from finitude of being to the Presence of the Limitless One, you are – on the one hand – shedding your material and temporal natures while, at the same time, you are acquiring, manifesting, or actualising the potential divine character of your spiritual and eternal nature. Indeed, as this hunger for divine verities grow - the transforming power of these truths similarly expand. In fact, you find that the more you know God - the more you want to know Him, and the more you learn of Him – the more you discover there is to know, and so, onward you go on your never-ending, ever expanding journey of endless revelation into the infinite nature of the Limitless One.

The very desire to ‘enter the Kin-dom’ is equal to the desire to know God, to know Truth, to know Abiding Peace, for these are experientially equivalent, indicates that you are already in the Kin-dom, for only the divine can long for and have understanding and loving commune with the Divine, only spiritual beings can yearn to experientially realise spiritual realities. That you thus yearn indicates that the Father has managed to contact and thereby spiritually awaken His sleeping material child, testifies that the Father has managed to quicken the seed divinity He placed in you when He conceived you. Thus quickened this seed will eventually burst forth from the material pod wherein it has been cocooned. Having been thus awakened, now that awareness of the divine values of the Kin-dom has finally dawned, your next challenge is to, not only NOT IMPEDE the growth of this seed but to endeavour in all ways to facilitate it in the actualisation of its potential. 

As this grows, as your divine potential is actualised, doubt diminishes while faith grows stronger, confusion recedes while clarity increases, hope springs continually even as despair dries up. You learn that the spiritual value of divine verities increase in direct proportion to the time spent contemplating them. Indeed, the light of the Kin-dom grows in direct proportion to our sincere longing therefore, spiritual illumination increases in a quotient correlated to our aspiration. 

The Father gladly fills the spiritual bellies of everyone that sincerely hungers for spiritual truth, not one is turned away. Not only that, He serves it in a manner most appealing to each individual child – His recipes are as limitless as His children are numerous -  each one concocted to suit the culture, gender, race, religion, education, class, and general preferences of each child. Some kids like salt, some do not; some prefer butter, others milk; more like sugar but still others prefer ketchup, the options and tastes are truly limitless, but if earthly parents are so considerate of the preferences of their children how much more so is the Father of All! When children fight over doctrine and dogma they are in truth fighting over the individual recipes the Father uses to cater to the tastes of His diverse progeny!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Seed and the Shell

The Gods will suffer you to be crushed but never destroyed. When the harsh realities of the world seem to bear down with apparent cruel disregard for your life, your hopes, and all that you value; bear in mind that if the hard shell that serves to protect a seed is not removed it becomes a coffin. Some shells are so very hard that they may require many crushing blows before they fracture and release the life they imprison. It is inevitable, after being crushed, that you feel terribly exposed, vulnerable, and weak; and, to a degree, this is true but you cannot live forever within the protective shell of your own illusions, isolated from reality. Only genuine contact with true reality, or the reality that is True, can sustain you.

So often it is that apparent defeat and catastrophe go before growth and new life. Indeed, the New Life cannot be acquired without first letting go of the old. It is in this interregnum period, the transition period between the Old and the new – that moment when you now have neither, when all appears irredeemably lost, when anxiety and uncertainty become almost unbearable, that you discover the true power of your faith; for only faith can carry you from the old life into the new.

Faith enables you to find the Better Way and without faith the Better Way can never be made manifest. The Better Way cannot be found, much less walked, established, nor can a Better World built without faith; for Faith is, in truth, the very substance of things hoped for, the great seed from whence springs all good things and faith springs forth from the eternal and indestructible centre of our very being, that essence that no blow can destroy; moreover, each blow becomes a means of achieving new and ever greater realisations of hitherto unimagined potential.