Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dumb, numb, and Hypnotised

I've been writing poetry for about 10 years and was recently going through my stash! So, I'm going to post a couple here. Fingers cross they work their magic.

A world filled with woe
Kids on the streets 
Got nowhere to go

And what’s the Man gotta say?
It’s all ok, it’s all ok, it’s all ok.
Tomorrow’s going to be a
Better Day!
He’s told us so many lies
We’re no longer even surprised.
Dumb, numb, and hypnotised!

Here’s what I got to say
Stick this up your
Bright brand new day!
People are hurting,
Kids are crying.
For god’s sake
Even the sky is dying!!
And what’s the Man gotta say
It’s all ok, it’s all ok, it’s all ok.
We got your opium
Make that pain go
Right away!
And don’t worry
It’s all ok, it’s all ok, it’s all ok.
Tomorrow’s going to be a
Better Day!

Well here’s what I say
Fuck you! You swine!
You’ve taken everything
Belong to me and mine.
He ain’t happy
just taking from me and you
Motherfucker stealing from our grandkids to!

Oh dear precious God above
I know you got endless patience and limitless love
Please! Heavenly Father,
Look at our plight!
Lend us your strength
Help us fight the good fight!

Our world is being destroyed
And no seems even a little annoyed?!
They’ve put poison in our water
And toxins in our air
He don’t give a shit
When our kids lose their hair!

The say the greatest trick
The Devil ever pulled
Was to convince the world that
She never existed
Who would have thought
An Angel’d get so
Murderous, bitter, and twisted?
How I wish it were true
That she never ever existed.

The Man’s got a god
Nasty, not nice
Every single day
It screams for sacrifice
And so I rivers and mountains all get sliced!

Brother and sisters,
When you gonna see
The Devil’s in you
And the Man’s in me?
It’s you and I
That have burned the sky.
It’s you and I
That’s letting this world die.

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