Saturday, 13 February 2016

Diary of a Strange Preacher 13 Feb 2016 10:30am


In order to establish Heaven on Earth we must understand that our first step is to realise the Heaven within; after all, the world is but a mirror – it can only reflect what we project. To this end is I will establish a fellowship whose primary purpose will be to enable people to discover and share the bounty of the Heaven within.

There exists a reality that is far greater than you can imagine. This is a healing, transforming, inspiring, ennobling, liberating and energising truth. Upon contact with it you are translated out of the dark pits of fear, despair, and destruction and elevated to the high and illuminated plane of faith, hope, and endless creation. I want all the world to know this experience.

This truth is my WHY. I crave the world to know the liberty consciousness of this truth brings: liberty from fear, death, and woe. In this the hurt I proclaim will find healing, the lost will find a new and better way. It gives strength to the weak and courage to the fearful. It is the hope of the good and wise men of all ages. It is a living reality, even the very source of life itself. It is the centre from whence all has its origin and the destiny toward which all has its end.

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