Monday, 15 August 2016

Finding the Kin-dom

When we have found that inner reality, the Kin-dom within – the Pearl of Great Price, we have discovered for ourselves, within ourselves, by ourselves and as ourselves the most inspiring and liberating of all truths; that God is my Father. We can faith grasp that; this Father loves us with a stainless and all-wise love; craves association with us throughout all eternity; will spare no expense to secure our eternal survival; yearns to reveal to you a universe of sublime wonders and to afford you endless opportunities for loving service; that, in the end, you might manifest the divine character of your spiritual potential, actualise your Spirit Self, the higher, ideal, better, more noble, kinder version of you – the YOU that is like God, the REAL you, the child of the God of Love, the God of Sharing, the God of Joyful Fellowship. Hence, we can sense the thrilling and joyful nature of the gospel, appreciate the indomitable good cheer of the Master and be heartily encouraged when we read his words, ‘Fear not! Believe only! It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kin-dom.’

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