Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Children of Zion!

The perfection seeking children of the cosmos are animated by the service motives of the Divine, as opposed to the purely self centred concerns of the creature of flesh. In contrast to the weak and corrupt, the perfection seeking children of the cosmos employ faith instead of fear, loving service instead of intimidation. By so living, truth becomes enthroned in the hearts of all who behold such righteous lives.

The children of truth cannot be perturbed by the dark shadows of fear. The wicked may shoot their arrows from the shadows but a shadow cannot enter the light. They may marshal their Wizards to call up the fearsome spectres of doom, summon their army of Soothsayers to spin an entangling web of whispers, and send for the prophets-for-hire who answer to the Call of the Coin and have them put on a mighty and frightening display such that the world trembles, but the children of truth will remain unmoved and in perfect composure. They know that all this smoke and thundering and lightening is nothing more than a spectacle to frighten children. Those firmly ensconced in the light of eternal truth are not troubled by shadows cast by the children of darkness.

Behold, the Children of Zion! Give ear to their clarion cry: “Peace on earth; good will to all men!” They call you to faith and to courage, to service and to sacrifice. They do not promise a life of ease. They come wielding the hard and unyielding sword of truth. They come to free those bound by the chains of fear, to loose those held captive in spiritual bondage. They call us to higher and holier attainments, to the pursuit of perfection. I heard them say, ‘The journey to the Promised Land is NOT be easy but it is worth it!’ How sweet to the soul are the words of these prophets! They are a soothing balm on a troubled brow.

But how bitter are those words forged in darkness! Words of fear and cowardice, ‘think of yourselves and your families, all you have earned – you don’t want to lose it all, do you?’ as if it could be kept… They fulminate, ‘It’s impossible, impractical, too difficult, too much trouble, nobody would go for it, you’re not considering all the consequences,’ they are the prophets of doubt and fear. They seek to bind you into the grooves of tradition and established custom. They send forth the dogs of fear and while their Sorcerers summon the dark clouds of Doubt and Uncertainty. They want to blind you, not enlighten you; divide you, not unite you. They want you to think that the child of another is of lesser value than yours. They try to use hate, suspicion, and mistrust, to blind you to the supernal truth that the human race is one family – we are all brothers and sisters. They wish to tap into your fear and make you desperate, not tap into your faith and give you hope!

Come! Join the Children of Zion! Come! Live the fearless life! Come! Join hands with the Almighty and the children of the Almighty and let us together overthrow the corrupt kings and the servants of the Great Harlot! COME!

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