Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Father of the Kingdom

‘The Kingdom is within’ is one of the greatest pronouncements ever made by Joshua ben Joseph of Nazareth. For those that have the eyes to see, the gospel contains such an amazing super-abundance of superlative and liberating truths that the fullness thereof will forever remain unfathomable to the human mind. However, the onus is upon us to search out these liberating truths lest we suffer the ignominy of self inflicted sorrows and heartache through the wilful embrace of ignorance and the wretched indulgence of indolence. 

There lives within you the power that formed the universe. There lives within you the ever positive voice of the Architect of all Creation. Behold the Heavens, even the Heaven of Heavens! There are as many galaxies as there are stars in a galaxy. Great is the power of the Almighty, who holds the stars of heaven in His palm and plants them where He wills. Behold your Infinite Cosmic Father. Bring Him your troubles, to Him that created the galaxy of galaxies and the electron, nothing is too small or too big. If He, with a shout, can shake the heavens how much more shall your troubles tremble before his might?!

He is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, of Time and Space, doubt not that He can make a little time for you. Fear not the winds of change when they scream and rage all about you, threatening to tear asunder all that you have known and hold dear, for within you shines a glorious temple whose builder and maker is God and when the dust finally settles it will emerge unmoved and majestic.

Open your heart to His instruction, trust wholeheartedly in the righteousness and efficacy of His ways. You see only part but He sees all. His plans are infinite and His goals are eternal, so let not the small things of time perturb you. Learn of Him and His ways. Make the world a better place by being more like Him. Lend your shoulder to His great work, give those that thirst something to drink, those that hunger something that nourishes, give protection to them that are exposed and vulnerable, open eyes blinded by spiritual darkness, liberate those captivated by fear, loose the tongue that seeks o sing His praise.

You are his beloved child and you are loved more than you can imagine. It is the Father’s delight to shoo away the Bogey Man of your fears, to give you peace, courage, and hope but until you learn to trust Him you will remain trapped in the dark realm of your own fears.

The Father will not vanquish your demons for you. He desires that His children stand on their own two feet but neither will he let you go through your struggles alone, He will stand with you 100%. He believes in you, even when everyone else would give up on you. You may doubt yourself but he never doubts you. The Father will not rob you of the dignity of your achievements by doing all things for you. Moreover, He knows well what you are capable of and has set his angels the task of trying and testing you – charged them with the sacred duty of making you the best and strongest person that you can be. With such a commission it would not be reasonable to expect an easy life, more likely a life of struggle and effort relieved now and then by the occasional islands of respite and rest. The Father loves us but not so unwisely as to unthinkingly indulge a child and make them weak. His is a fearless love, it does not shrink from necessary hardships nor flinch in sending instructive discipline upon his wayward lambs.

You should not fear to bring him your joys and hopes, your laughter and excitement, your dreams and adventures, for what father does not relish listening to his child tell their tales with great excitement and energy? What father is not touched when his child offer sincere thanks and appreciative gratitude for all that has been done for them, or is not puffed large when the child is humbled by and swears to honour the endless generosity, kindness, wisdom, and faith of which it has been the beneficiary? Even as the Father can fill your cup of joy to overflowing, so can you fill His cup by sincerely, faithfully, humbly, even joyfully and gladly, put at His service everything that He has enabled you to become.

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