Sunday, 12 June 2016

Moving Forward

Oh, children of the Earth,
How long will you suffer War?
Why do you give men the power to make war?
Why do you allow men to rule over you
That believe in violence?
How long will you entertain the delusion
That you can build
The Kingdom of Peace
Using the weapons of War?
What vile experience must you endure
To make you realise the revolting nature of war?
What horrific scourging
Need you suffer
To make you lose your taste for
Steal, blood, and terror?

Men of violence,
Who see enemies everywhere,
Are not fit to run a school
Let alone a nation.
Let us no more learn to make war!
When will be begin to learn to make Peace?!
Let us no more learn of war,
Let it become a bad memory,
A terror of the night season,
Whereupon awaking
We discover
The world of beauty, harmony, light, and life.
Let us transform our means of destruction
Into a means of creation,
Our means of inflicting harm
Into a means of creating healing.

Let us put an end to mourning
Let us no more hear the sound of mothers weeping
Let us stop the tears bought with terror.
Instead, let laughter peal through our streets like thunder.
Instead of screams
Let music fill the air

Instead of the bitter parting,
With fear that they will never return,
Let there be joyful welcoming
With the peace that knows they will never go to that place again
With joy let us move forward
Into the light of the truth of love and brotherhood
Knowing that we have once, for all, and forever,
Put the darkness of hatred and enmity behind us

Let forgiveness break the chains of hatred
That hold us fast in the darkness of the past
Let faith reveal the
Brighter worlds and better days ahead
If we are to give our lives
Then let us give them

With Love to Beauty, Truth, and Goodness

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