Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Fire Within

The Fire Within

A sound spirituality can go a long way toward bolstering self-esteem, promoting positive mental health and even furnish the wherewithal wherewith we can make this world a better place. To begin with, it antidotes the endless stream of negativity to which you are constantly subjected by affirming that ‘you’ are significant, ‘you’ do matter, ‘you’ are more precious than you can even imagine. It fortifies us by pointing out that there is a Great Purpose being worked out through the Cosmos and that we each are a vital element in this Grand Cosmic Destiny. It makes plain that our existence is framed in a law abiding and moral Universe; the Creator and Upholder of which is the God of Love, upon whose goodness and faithfulness we can always depend.

Such grand spiritual and cosmic truths allow us to transcend our incidental and petty material differences, offers consolation when the winds of change descend upon us with sudden devastation, ennobles life by inspiring us with glorious purpose and even supplies the energy, courage, insight and faith needed to help us get up out of our bed and set our wills to the task of making this world a better place. Well, it does these things for those that allow such truths to sink deep down into their souls where they can effect their transforming and regenerative magic. Deep within the human soul the invincible force and indomitable power of God’s own spirit blazes with the power of ten million suns. It lives to illuminate, liberate and celebrate! It is the doorway to eternity, the sure path from the temporal to the eternal, from finitude of being on up into the very presence of the Limitless One.

To this wellspring of everlasting energy and inspiration humanity owes ALL its greatest achievements. It is the fissure from whence bursts the unquenchable fires of hope. One soul at a time, in co-ordination with the far-seeing vision and ideals of the Infinite One, humanity is being led from darkness to light, from ignorance to wisdom, from savagery to civility, in proportion to our hunger for and ability to express LOVE. This great light can, like an x-ray, pierce through the ore of common experience to reveal the splendid spiritual ideals upon which all life has been founded. It can take trial, tragedy and triumph and from them forge the precious and priceless gems of wisdom. From it our souls receive the summons to Beauty and to establish Beauty; to Goodness and to establish Goodness; to Truth and to establish truth. It brings glorious spiritual treasures to adorn the inner sanctum of the soul, illuminating and ennobling the life of the individual and, through the individual, the nation, establishing them in righteousness.

The indwelling spirit is the Invincible Foe of injustice, cruelty and selfishness. Where there is hatred it daringly sows love, where there is war it unflinchingly fights for peace, where there is fear it nurtures faith. It cannot yield. It cannot compromise. It cannot lose. Its victory is assured. Though its glory may remain long hidden behind the curtains of Time, yet even they shall eventually yield before the might of the Eternal to reveal the splendour of its ultimate victory! Through it justice, kindness and selflessness will be established forever; and joy and peace will be spread over all the earth.

The fundamental essence of Deity is UNITY therefore must Equality be a fundamental feature of the life divine. Systems that uphold inequality will eventually and inevitably be overthrown and dissolved by the instruments of this very God of Unity. Such unbalanced systems – the socio-economic and religio-political cultural shadows of selfishness – stand on the wrong side of history. They may, at one point, have represented a step forward, however, we must keep moving forward, keep evolving or they, and all those that support them, will be swallowed by the sands of Time.

Equality, harmony, symmetry and unity, are the hallmarks of high civilisation and they are to be our destiny. Only the disingenuous, corrupt, selfish, and spiritually blind – those that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo – would dare to deny this. Today many stand in silent inaction while the wicked prosecute their nefarious schemes but the day is coming when it is the wicked who will stand powerless as the righteous go forth to establish justice, equality, peace and prosperity for all – not just for the ‘Chosen Ones’.

APATHY towards the issues of peace and justice is an act of brutality. Apathy is a poisonous weed that blooms from the soil of Selfishness under the Black Sun of Ignorance. The longer it is indulged, just so will humanity languish in the flames of injustice and inequality; because of our silence the wicked are free to effect their wicked designs; because of our APATHY toward corruption in High Place whole nations are brought low, even whole worlds.

APATHY, the lack of love or caring regard for our fellows, lies at the root of much of the world’s troubles. It is because we love our fellows so little that we do not care if they are victims of injustice. We have been deluded by the Fool’s Philosophy of ‘I’m alright Jack’ – as though the attitude these magic words inspired somehow negated the consequence of our stupidity and selfishness. We are a family and, regardless of whether we like this truth or not, how we live affects others, with some having a greater temporal impact than other. Consider, as an example, the blindness of Western Peoples: they are blind to the fact that their voraciously gluttonous way of life is unsustainable; blind to the moral bankruptcy of most of their values; blind to the disastrous consequences of their addiction to Oil and Plastic and practically heartless with regard to the tremendous toll this way of living will have upon their children and their children’s children. These people are fast running out of road but have fallen prey to the delusion that this party is never going to end. Cue cosmic facepalm! Real love, however, will not be cowed by this but rather will burn all the brighter, nor will it cease until all the world is ablaze!

Love is spiritual light: it reveals and is a revelation, it is the soul’s response to truth but if Love is Light then our world is dark indeed and many stumble in this spiritual darkness. Only a genuine and passionate love and deep reverence for truth, beauty, goodness, peace and justice can establish them as social realities. Only love possesses the tremendous stores of energy required to transform the wicked, lazy, and corrupt child of clay into the virtuous, inspired, and pure child of God and having thus conquered himself the child of God can go forth and fearlessly conquer the world.

The Kingdom of Light is the Kingdom of Love. The Great Day of the establishment of the Everlasting Kingdom of Love and Light will dawn the day we accept that Love alone can rule all relations between individuals and nations. Until then the fire rages on.

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